The Joys of Being A Pug Parent

The Joys of Being A Pug Parent

A little over a year ago my boyfriend and I opened our minds to the idea of adopting a dog. After a visit home to see family, we were approached about taking in a sweet, two year old pug who was in desperate need of a loving home. Though we did not plan on adopting until several months later, upon locking eyes with Frankie for the first time, we knew we had found him a fur-ever home. Here we are a year later with a rambunctious, cuddly pup who brings us loads of joy each and every day and we could not be any happier.

Owning a pug is unlike owning any other dog breed. Their little personalities, pug-isms and attitudes keep you entertained for endless hours of fun. I am a proud parent to a one foot, 20 lb powerhouse who tests my patience everyday. From 20-hour naps to obsessing over tennis balls, I thought I’d share the joys of being a pug parent from my own experiences. Enjoy!

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Spring Gallery

Some shots I took one night on Dow’s Lake.


Evening Stroll


Last night my bf and I decided we needed to get out of the house and go for a drive. We opened up all the windows and sunroof, grabbed a jumbo Mr. Freeze pop each (total nostalgia) and headed out to wherever the road would take us. A short drive later we ended up at Mooney’s Bay Park. Having never been there before, we got out and took a stroll along the beach where I even had the pleasure of walking barefoot in the water. It was my first real taste of summer and we made a deal that we’d try and visit this beach a few times over the summer.

The park was busy and full of people playing volleyball, tetherball, biking, long boarding, swimming, tree climbing and sunbathing. The more we walked along the beach the more excited I got about everything it had to offer. It had a patio that serves munchies and drinks, plenty of picnic tables with charcoal BBQs and rolling green hills to catch some rays. Needless to say, I will definitely be making a few trips there over the warmer months.

Feeling inspired, we went home and had our own BBQ’ed dinner with peach raspberry wine while enjoying the sunset off our balcony. It was the perfect summer night.



Latest Obsession – Rose Gold

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been absolutely obsessed with rose gold/copper lately. One of the YouTubers I subscribe to, Zoella, often vlogs about her copper finds and her love of the rosy tone from home decor to makeup and I think she’s really influenced me to love it just as much.

This summer I’ve decided to slowly upgrade things in my home like furniture and decor to make it look a bit more grown-up and put together. Gone are the days of having band posters taped to the wall and knickknacks everywhere you turn. I’m downsizing, upgrading and trying to have a sleek and inspiring design.

This is where rose gold is making a big appearance. The best thing about metallic tones is they go with pretty much anything so I’ll be able to keep some of my existing favourite pieces in each room while adding copper accents. My plan is to pick up some lamps, plant pots, candles and frames so it’s a subtle hint and not a metallic overload.

My obsession doesn’t stop at home decor – girl, please. I’m stocking up on rose gold jewellery and even designing some new pieces for Birch Jewellery. I’ve also recently purchased a watch from Aldo Accessories that is full-out copper toned, obviously. I bought it for $20 and it looks like it’s on sale for $15  HERE! (P.S. The picture does not do the watch justice!)

Are you copper obsessed too? Let me know your favourite colour trend below in the comments!


My First Summer Event – Onaping Falls Fest

11157511_815757671843601_227586011176748729_oToday in Ottawa the temperature is a harsh 35 C with the humidex and it’s feeling a lot like summer. With a short three weeks left of spring, I’ve been planning some really cool and exciting things for my business, Birch Jewellery, and my first stop is in the heart of my hometown next month!

On June 13th, I will be a vendor at the first annual Falls Fest held at the Onaping Falls Leisure Centre, 79 Main St. W Dowling, ON. I will have a table set up with my handmade creations and I’m super excited it’ll be in my hometown. I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I sell locally and since I’m still exclusively online for the moment I can finally bring Birch to everyone for a full day.

More information on the event can be found HERE. I will also be accepting preorders and custom orders prior to the event. You can send your request or any other inquiries HERE.

Thanks a bunch and I hope to see you next month!



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