Five moving tips to keep you organized


As some of you may know, I’ll be moving into a new apartment in just three weeks. Am I excited? Well, of course! Have I started packing yet? Well, kinda.

The real answer is no. I’ve packed my giant IKEA bookshelf, which took up four boxes alone, and that’s about it. It’s a really busy time of the year for us with school just ending, summer beginning (on very short notice) and work hours magically increasing. So I’m here to help you stay organized and make moving a fun and exciting experience.

1. Don’t wait until the last minute. 
It’s simple. If you’re in an apartment, start collecting boxes when you give your 60 day notice. This allows you to put a little thought into what you’ll be bringing into your new place. Do you really need all  that Avon hand lotion and seven sets of mismatched Tupperware containers? Probably not. If you start early, it gives you time to get organized and truly have a fresh start in your new abode. Have a box (or two, or three) that you can fill with things you’d like to donate or give-away.

2. Supplies.
There’s nothing like starting a job and realizing you’re missing all the tools you need to do it. Have plenty of boxes, packing tape, Sharpie markers and newspaper or bubble wrap on hand when you start to pack. This allows you to stay focused and makes your job much easier.

3. Divide and conquer.
Don’t throw random things into boxes. Even if your bookshelf has candles, picture frames and chatchkas on it, you should keep common items from the same room together so when you’re unpacking things, you know what you’re getting into.

4. Label it. 
Label your boxes very clearly. Write the room it has to go into, what’s in the box, and whether or not it needs to be handled with care. Don’t just write “Things” or “Stuff” on the outside. Don’t make it a mystery.

5. Pack light.  
Don’t throw all of your books or shoes into one big box. Once you go to lift it, you’ll be sorry. Pack small, light things into bigger boxes, and heavier and bulky  items into smaller boxes. If you struggle to lift a box that’s big and bulky, chance are you packed it with too many heavy items or just too much stuff in general. Don’t wear yourself out!

Happy moving!



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