Summer Picks

Over the last week, Ottawa has already gotten a taste of lazy summer days and chilly autumn winds. I guess it’s one of those things that us Canadians have to live with. Thankfully, summer really is just around the corner and the greener the grass grows and the more the wind carries the newly bloomed scent of Lilacs through the air, shopping for new summer clothes is definitely on my mind.

Since I haven’t owned a proper bathing suit in about five years (always rocking the shorts and t-shirt), I’m really excited to find one that I can be comfortable and look good in. I’m not ready to dive into a bikini anytime soon, but the three section bathing suit below just calls my name every time I see it pop-up on Pinterest. I love the colours, the patterns as well as the fitted top. You can never be too careful when it comes to supporting those ta-tas!

You’ll also find a pair of jean shorts (a staple in every gal’s and guy’s summer wardrobe) and a black sheer blouse. These shirts are everywhere I look in just about every colour and pattern. I cannot get enough of the free-flowing classic look of these blouses.

What else is there to get excited about other than buying an entirely new summer shoe wardrobe! You can’t go around wearing those smelly, dirty, flip-flops again. I plan on going all out when it comes to sandals and heels.

Do you like what you see? Share your summer favs and some looks that you’re excited to try!



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