Happy Victoria Day!

I hope all of you Canadian folk we’re able to enjoy your May long weekend – I sure did! Here’s a quick recap and some photos:

FRIDAY night I enjoyed an evening in the ByWard Market with my lovely ladies. We splurged at Tucker’s Marketplace then walked down to Sens Mile to watch the Ottawa Senators’ hockey game at Hooley’s. Though our wonderful pesky Sens were not victorious, we had a great evening spending quality girl time together.

SATURDAY, I worked for the most of the day then came home and relaxed. (Hey, I needed at least one day lounge around in my pj’s!)

SUNDAY night, my boyfriend and I headed out to Perth, ON to a friend’s. The house is right on the shore of Otty Lake so we we’re able to enjoy nature at it’s absolute best. Oh, and how could I forget about the hockey game. The five-period game was a nail bitter, but the Senators came out on top! GO SENS, GO!

MONDAY we woke up and headed out fishing and brought home five tasty fish that we ate for supper. Very tasty!



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