The importance of drinking water


Over the last few months I have completely cut sugary fruit juices and regular soda out of my diet. Now, I try to  drink as many as eight glasses of water a day. I will admit, this is really hard to do, but the benefits of filling up on water are great and something that everyone should and can take advantage of.

The importance of drinking water: 

It’s almost like your mother nagging at your to take your vitamins. Why did we have to chew on those fruity Flintstones tablets as a kid? Well, to get all the nutrients we may have been missing in order to grow-up and become healthy, strong adults. Now that I am a big kid, I find it even harder to swallow back a giant horse pill multi-vitamin, but I’ve discovered that drinking water everyday is much less painful and is really good for you.

1. It keeps you healthy – Your body is composed of about 60 per cent water. Since your brain is also mostly water, drinking it helps you think, concentrate and focus better than any ole cup of Joe will. Water also helps fight the flu, and many other aliments.

2. It  prevents aches and pains – If you ever have a headache or a sore back, try drinking water before popping some pills. Chances are you’re dehydrated and your body needs a natural pick-me-up.

3. Aids with weight-loss – Good news! Water has zero calories, boosts your metabolism and is completely free! Water is a natural appetite suppressant therefore keeps your tummy feeling fuller and reduces hunger. It also flushes out  toxins from your body.

4. It keeps you smiling – By keeping your body hydrated, not only will it feel happy, but so will you!

Tips to stay hydrated:

1. Instead keeping a jug of juice in the fridge, fill a jug up with water. This way you’re more likely to reach for a glass of H20 than something that will only make you thirstier.

2. Cut up some lemons and limes and dunk them in your glass of water. The extra little zest will give you some flavour and will have you feeling fresh and full. If you really want to get creative, freeze small slices of fruit or fresh mint leaves in your ice cubes. Once they melt in your water, they’ll give you that extra tasty boost.

3. Buy a reusable, BPA-free, water bottle to carry with you wherever you go. If you run out, it’s easy to fill it up whether you’re at school, work or on the go.

4. Eat water-rich foods throughout the day. Vegetables: cucumbers, spinach, carrots, celery. Fruits: watermelon, grapefruit, strawberries.



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