Monday Mantra – August 26


Lately, things in my world have been a little topsy turvy. Nothing too big to worry about, but enough to make my everyday activities and routines a little grey. So I’ve been trying to live by today’s Monday Mantra by recognizing those small pleasures in life that always bring  warm good feelings into my day. Simple things like a cup of tea, putting on a pair of comfy pj pants (never underestimate the power of comfy pants), when your favourite song comes on the radio, getting a message from an old friend, sticking your nose in a good book or even flipping through a magazine (I find complete bliss in drooling over the new IKEA Fall Catalogue). No matter how rough your day seems, there is ALWAYS something good in every day. If you can’t seem to find it right away, just slow down, pay attention to details and you will find you’ll appreciate a whole lot more.



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