Le temps vieillit vite – Time flies

Old Manual TypewriterAs September makes its sneaky return on Sunday, so does autumn, pumpkins, sweater weather and for most, it’s time to go back to school. For the last 16 years, I have been in school. It’s pretty crazy when you put it like that, but there hasn’t been a September that I haven’t been shopping for new books, shoes and pencils. Until now.

After graduating in April, I not only entered the scary world of adulthood, but I’ve lost the excuse of saying I’m a student. The pressure is now on.

I have to be honest, it hasn’t really hit me that I’m on summer holidays for the rest of my life, but it’s really not that simple. For the last 16 years I’ve had the comforting feeling of knowing that I can see my friends everyday and not have to worry about losing touch. It’s bad enough I’ve barely connected with anyone over the summer, but now that there is no 8 a.m. homeroom to go to, can I keep my friendships alive? I’m almost positive I can, but change is a very scary thing.

I’m also worried that I will lose some of my creativity and sharpness. Inschool, you are constantly learning new things, seeing new people. reading, talking and thinking. I’m worried I’ll live in an auto-pilot world where it’s work, sleep, eat, repeat. If I’m being real with myself, I know that I am a smart girl and will always have my spark, but there is always that unsettling feeling in my gut; fear of change.

One thing I must remind myself is that just because I’m done with school, it doesn’t mean I can never go back. It’s satisfying to learn new things with people that are just as thirsty for knowledge as you are. I think that by reading often, unplugging from social media and technology every once in a while and going outside and enjoying nature will keep my mind colourful and pure.

As for everyone else boarding the big yellow bus (whether for the first or last time), best of luck in your studies and just remember to enjoy everyday because le temps vieillit vite.



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