Phun With Pho


Tonight I went out for Vietnamese food with a good friend of mine. This was my first time experiencing – and REALLY enjoying -Pho. What the heck is that, you ask? Aside from being really delicious, it’s a noodle soup with broth, rice noodles and meat. Simple, but tasty.

We went to Pho Thu Do Restaurant on 781 Somerset St. W in Chinatown. We ordered the deep fried spring rolls and Pho Tai which is medium rare beef rice noodle soup. Since I don’t know how to use chopsticks (tear), I twirled and slurped back my soup and chomped away on the spring rolls with such satisfaction and was surprised how good the food was for just being soup!

I think I’ll definitely return to this restaurant and try Pho again, and perhaps finally learn how to use chopsticks.

Yes, this has been the most exciting thing to happen this month so far.



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