Monday Mantra – September 9

1002566_643812412298402_336609935_nHappy Monday, everyone! When I got home from work this afternoon, my head was pounding, my feet were a bit sore, and I was in desperate need of a warm, cozy mug of tea. So as I brewed myself some vanilla-chai, I tried to think of a mantra that would relate to the delicious beverage and the undeniable pleasure of breathing in the steaming aroma of a freshly brewed cup. Ahhhh… the beauty in simplicity.

I can actually relate quite a bit to this week’s quote. Though I’m not in hot water in a bad way, I am constantly trying to do more, do better and always have something on my plate. I always want to keep the water boiling under me, to keep me going, but at the end of the day, I get the satisfaction of knowing I created or did something truly great. From boiling water, you can make a great cup of tea.

I hope you can find inspiration this week and use it to make or do something incredible.



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