New music: The most wonderful time of the year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! When artists put out new music, new videos and new albums. There are so many great artists that have been releasing some really cool stuff lately. That’s not to say that it’s all amazing, but pop culture is what it is and I love it. Here are some most talked about artists:

1. Lady Gaga

If you’re not aware, I’m a really big fan of Mother Monster. I’m not so out there about it as I was in highs school, but I’m always sticking my nose in everything Gaga-related. Unfortunately, she disappeared from the public eye for six months after undergoing hip surgery. Fun fact: I was at her very last show of the Born This Way Ball in Montreal, QB before she cancelled the rest of her tour. 

With the recent release of her single “Applause”, I’ve really had Gaga fever and am counting down the days to her new album “ARTPOP”set to release on November 11.  Luckily, Gaga opened the 2013 iTunes Festival in London on September 1, where she performed several songs from her new album. Here’s a clip from the festival of her song called “Swine”:

2. Katy Perry

Though Katy hasn’t been MIA from the music scene, her last album came out in 2012 and it only featured two or three new songs. So realistically speaking, her last album was Teenage Dream that was released in 2010. Finally, Katy is releasing a new album called “Prism” which is set to come out on October 22. Her first single “Roar” rose to the top of the iTunes charts just hours after being released.

Just days ago, on Sept. 5, Katy had a listening party in New York where she shared some intimate details about the album saying her favourite song is “Unconditionally”, the album will feature 13 songs and she has collaborated with artists such as Sia, Juicy J and Greg Wells.

Watch the music video for “Roar” here:

3. Miley Cyrus 

After her controvercial VMA performance, all we see and hear about is Miley Cyrus. One thing I think everyone needs to come to a realization about is that she is no longer the Disney star she once was – she’s grown up. People change, not always so dramatically and suddenly, but she has come out of her shell and is just being who she truly feels is herself.

Moving past all the twerking and tongues, she has created a solid image of who she wants Miley Cyrus to be. After I finally accepted this, I watched her new video for “Wrecking Ball” which was directed by one of my favourite artists, Terry Richardson. I really like it.

Miley’s new album “Bangerz” is set to be released on October 4.

4. Lorde

I first heard her song “Royals” on the radio while driving home from work and I was sold at “tigers on a gold leash.” Ella Yelich-O’Connor is only 16 years old! The New Zealand singer-songwriter goes by Lorde and has been climbing the charts ever since her song release. Her album “Pure Heroine” will be released this month! Check it:

5. Bonnie McKee

I have a thing for colourful hair, hipster-trendy close, studs and silliness. Bonnie McKee is all of the above and the woman is REALLY talented. Not only has she recently released her song “American Girl” (which is super catchy and fun) she has helped write multiple smash hits for Katy Perry, Kesha, Britney Spears, Avril  Lavigne and so many more. She started off in the biz as a song writer and is emerging as an artist on her own. Rumour has it that she’ll be collaborating with Katy Perry on her new album “Prism”. No word on a release date for her next album.


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