Sunday Slum


What do you do when the weather is grey, the apartment is a disaster, your back hurts and you’re in need of about 12 extra hours of sleep? I don’t know about you, but this is the exact snapshot of what my Sunday has been so far. My solution is simple. Put on your PJs and an episode of Drop Dead Diva on Netflix, grab a pad of paper and a pen, brew a cup of warm tea, snuggle up in a comfy chair and PRIORITIZE.

Write a list of everything you need to get done within the next few weeks, then organize them in order of importance. Doodle a little at the edges of the page, play tic-tac-toe, and at the end, you’ll feel really empowered by your list. This list could have anything from getting groceries, walking the dog, or even things like planning a cocktail party with friends Β and trying that new hot beverage at Starbucks! Whatever it is, if it’s in your head, it’s important to you. Write it down, keep it where you’ll see it and triumphantly cross something off your list everyday.

The first things I’ll cross off my list today are:
– Take a dip in the hot tub to cure that achy back
– Take a well deserved nap
– Clean the apartment today tomorrow



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