Monday Mantra – November 11

6d42c65e8d15f6758e94507f452132dbIt’s been a while since I’ve posted a Monday Mantra. I guess I covered by bases when I dubbed this blog as an “every day, once in a while, blog.” – Phew. I’ve been busy at work with my new job as an online content editor for Fab Baby Gear. I get to research and write about everything baby, which is far from my actual world right now, but it’s fascinating and comforting to know I can write about anything I put my mind to.

I’m working in a new neighbourhood (Wellington West) which is one of my favourite new places in the city – only because nostalgic storefronts and architecture steal my heart no matter where I am. I am living a writer’s dream tonight while sipping on a warm hot chocolate using the not-so-resourceful Wi-Fi. The dim lights and lingering smell of fresh roasts and baked goods truly give me a different perspective on things. It’s a different world out here than inside my messy, but lived-in, apartment.

The only mantra I can think of today is to just be. It sounds rather simple, but it’s hard to live in the now and not to think ahead. What will we have for dinner on Friday? When will I find the time to do laundry? Right now, all that matters to me is my hot beverage and the 20 minutes of down-time before I get back to reality.

I’m not encouraging everyone to live in the moment and be too spontaneous, but if you have that extra 15 minutes to sip your tea or watch the tail-end of your favourite TV show, why not just do that? The unexpected is always a new opportunity for something spectacular to occur; a little victory; a blessing in disguise.

Just enjoy whatever you are doing tonight and remember to enjoy those little things and just be.



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