Five-Week Healthy Challenge

heart-healthWith Christmas just five weeks away, holiday treats and temptations are everywhere. That is why I have decided to create a Five-Week Healthy Challenge. Everyone has different goals and strategies when it comes to health and fitness, so rather than create a set-in-stone plan, I am encouraging everyone who would like to take part in this challenge to set their own goals and move at their own pace within the five week period.

Within the five weeks my goal is to:
– exercise at least five days a week for a minimum of 45 minutes (cardio + strength)
– choose healthy food options and avoid holiday treat temptations (until Christmas Eve of course)
– track my progress in a personal journal where I can doodle and day dream and be proud of my accomplishments

Mondays will be my weigh-in day. I will be tracking:
– weight – waist – arms – chest – thighs –

You can do the same or create your own plan, as long as you have one you’ll be on the right track. I will post about my progress throughout the week and on Mondays and I hope you’ll share with me too.

I feel like the more people I tell, the more eyes that are on me, the more motivation it will give me. I’m not looking to drop a few pounds and get on with my life. Since March 2013 I have been struggling to become a healthier and stronger person. I am still very young and have a full life to live and I want to be happy and confident.

Whatever your goal may be, best of luck!



3 thoughts on “Five-Week Healthy Challenge

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  2. The timing of this post is perfect for me. After all my unhealthy eating patterns as of late, I’m ready to start fresh and take baby steps in taking better care of myself and becoming a healthier person overall. Little challenges like these are excellent for motivation. Thanks for sharing, and all the best to you!

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