Monday Mantra – December 16

6a8a36628bc1ac32b4f14d30da18179eI’m sure that at least once in your life you have heard the saying, “Life is too short…” I know I have heard it numerous times and just shrugged it off as just another one of those things people say to fill a void when no other words can be said. However, recently I’ve thought long and hard about those four simple words and have realized that though it may be a little overused at times like its cousin YOLO (You only live once) it’s a very true statement.

With 2014 just around the corner, I’m still trying to take in that a) my boyfriend and I have been together for a joyous 5 years b) 2013 has somehow passed by without me even knowing and c) when you’re not paying attention, life as we know it will go on, day by day, hour by hour and people will get new jobs, get divorces and unfortunately lose loved ones too.

Which is what this Monday Mantra has encouraged me to write about. An incredible family that I’ve known since I was a tiny tot lost a son and a brother this past weekend. It was a tragic and heart breaking death that makes one question the human race. This young man was murdered on what would be to many just another ordinary day. That day now is etched into the history of that family. It is no longer just another ordinary day to them.

Though I am still very young, at 21 I have seen my share of family feuds and disjointed friendships. Some have healed themselves over time and others have faded out, but what scares me the most is that on any ordinary day, those people can experience a life-changing tragedy in many shapes and forms.

I just hope to get one thing across today and that is to take some time to evaluate some of the family business or disconnections you may have in your life. Are they truly worth the consequences? Life really is too short to be mad or frustrated with one another. If you truly care for that person, to me it is never worth the consequences. Go forth with a little optimism this holiday season, you never know what can happen.



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