Happy New Year 2014!

bfa876e2a188991c7b5e2e85ba6590c7In a blink of an eye 2013 went out with a boom. I was surrounded by the best of friends, we popped our first bottle of champagne ever and watched the fireworks burst over the city skyline. Sitting here thinking that two days of this new year have already come and gone gives me an idea of how the next twelve months will be: they will zoom past, no doubt.

Since getting my new job as an online content and social media editor, my title has somewhat stretched to entrepreneur assistant and fashionista extraordinaire. I can’t wait to be able to share with the world what I’ve been working so hard on with such a creative haus of people back at the HQ. Next weekend I will be showing off our creations in Toronto and may even get the opportunity to travel near and far. I’m not exactly at my dream job yet, but who is to say that what I think I want to do for the rest of life is actually what I will be doing come 20 years from now? All I can say is that I am in a really good place career wise and I feel great about it. I could not ask Β to start off the year in any other way.

My honey bee and I travelled back to Sudbury for a few days during the holidays. It was a very tightly scheduled few days, which was necessary in order to see all the people we love. I was most grateful to be able to see my dad and little brother since last year I didn’t get to see either of them over the holidays. It was great to be able to share a few laughs and love with family and friends.

To resolve or not to resolve? I haven’t necessarily made any true resolutions this year other than to just be and try to live life to the absolute fullest. 2013 proved to be a learning experience with some harsh truths, lost friendships and some stressful times, but I believe they were all meant to be in order to get us where we are today. Perched up on the seventh floor with a squinting view of the city is much closer to the penthouse suite and luxury if you ask me.

I wish all the best to everyone in 2014 with lots of adventure, discovery and love.



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