March Update

63d03c2722cc7f4c4f0be220bc5197cfHere were are again, nearly two months after I’ve posted to this humble little blog. I truly did cover my bases when I dubbed this blog as an “everyday, once in a while” thing. Sometimes life happens and you’ve got to be there to live it, which I have been doing quite well. I don’t quite remember everything that has happened over the last few weeks. It all feels like a span of a week, but really it’s been much longer. Blink and time passes just like that.

Here are some cool things to note that have happened or that will happen:
– In February I got a nifty promotion to the Marketing Coordinator.
– I did another ridiculously cute photo shoot for Tiffany Kay Style, one of the private labels I’ve been working on at work.
– I had a much needed girl’s night full of chips and dip, gossip and nail polish with my two besties.
– The boy and I went home in February to visit friends and family. We went for a snowmobile ride and I spent some girl time with my momma.
– I’m on a six week hiatus from the studio in order to focus on an amazing business trip I will be taking which is…
– NEW YORK CITY – Yes, my adolescent dream of visiting the city of dreams is finally coming true this weekend as I will be travelling to New York to present one of the private labels, Kyte Baby, at the ENK Children’s Club Show. Though I will be working during the day, there is always something extraordinary to discover in a city such as New York. I will of course post pictures once I return fro my trip next week.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say since I should probably be getting back to work. So much to do, and as we all know it, so little time.



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