Thoughts on the stamp

Stamp_Canada_1954_5c_QE2I am a firm believer in hand-written notes sent through the mail – yes these things still exist. Most commonly known as a snail mail, these letters go through quite the thoughtful process. First, one must choose their card or stationary to write on. This can be very difficult as there are too many cute ones out there! Sometimes the person even goes through the trouble of making the card themselves. Next are the words. Some argue that whether it is on paper or typed out on a computer, words and are words, but I’m going to have to disagree with that. When I write a letter, or sometimes even in my journal, I carefully select each word and make sure it is spelled correctly. Once it’s written in ink, it’s there for good. There is no backspace button, auto-correct of spell-check, it’s just you, the paper and the pen. Don’t get me wrong, an email or text message can also be very thoughtful and, but when it comes to receiving something in the mail, it sometimes feels like Christmas. After the note is tidy and written, it’s slipped into an enveloped, signed sealed and delivered. How do we deliver these pretty packages? Why by post with a sticky stamp, but have you heard? The stamp has gone up to a whole dollar this month, meaning it no longer takes nickles and dimes to send. I’m still going to send out my old fashion notes here and there, but can you image people that send out wedding invitations and thank-you cards? Sometimes that adds up to hundreds of people, now it will cost hundreds of dollars just to send out some thoughtful appreciation. So this is where I want to know: Will you still be using snail mail or is this now a thing of the past, too?

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