April Update


Happy Spring! Yes, I think it’s finally here. Today I have all the windows in my little abode open and the sounds of birds chirping and wet tires on pavement fill the room. The smell is probably my favourite. I love the smell of rain.

I just got back from visiting my mom over the Easter weekend. I took a solo road trip with the windows down and  the music blasting. The drive is long, but it was nice to have those hours to think about life and what’s next – sappy dappy. It was a nice visit with giggles and lots and lots of wine. My grandmother and uncle were also visiting and told us about their recent trip to Europe – lucky ducks.

April has been busy. I’m back working both jobs at the photo studio and still at the baby store. Having six days off has been very weird, but even more enjoyable and deserving. I’ve taken time for myself and started thinking about some projects I’d like to work on for this summer and places I’d like to go. At the end of next month it will be a year since the boy and I moved into our new home. I still feel like we’re settling in. There’s always something I want to improve on decor and functionality-wise which is all thanks to Apartment Therapy, Pinterest and Etsy.

Speaking of which, my jewellery shop has been getting some good traffic lately. I sold two really nice pieces that I’ve had my eye on and hadn’t decided if I wanted to keep them for my own collection or sell them. I guess it was meant to be that they travel across the continent into someone else’s home. I applied to a craft show for this summer called Urban Craft. If I get accepted I will be able to bring my jewellery into the real world and show it to people  in person instead of the usual online shop. This is really exciting and I’ve been busy saving ideas from the online Etsy community to eventually buy for supplies. I’ll need displays, packaging and business cards, but this is all so exciting and enjoyable to me! There will obviously be a lot of birch branches and bark which calls for another adventure in to the great outdoors to hunt for the perfect pieces.

Other than those things my life has been occupied with work, food and sleep – the essentials. I’m so excited that he warmer weather is here. I have big plans for this spring/summer and plan on having a really great time. I hope you enjoy the rest of the April showers for May flowers are just around the bend.



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