The universe is listening!

This morning I woke up and immediately started to paint tiny animals in neon colours for some new necklaces I’m making for Birch.  The average Joe would probably grab a cup of  coffee and watch morning television, but not I! As I was just about to pack up and finish getting ready for work, I decided for some reason to go onto Pinterest and post a cute, inspirational picture of some sort (who needs and excuse to go on Pinterest anyway?) I noticed a bunch of like picture on my main page which turned out to be horoscopes from Chatelaine Magazine. If you read my blog post from last night, you’ll understand how freaky my horoscope was. Sometimes I find common things in my horoscope that relate to my current situation, as all the billion other Aries people must too, but I am convinced that after expressing my renewed faith in my own creativity, the universe put out a sign that it is indeed listening. Have a look for yourself…





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