Don’t be shady! Stop looking for those shades and take the pledge!


I have to admit that I am one of those drivers who says they’re very focused and is never distracted. I never text and drive or answer calls, but I do change the radio stations during commercials or pop in a new CD at a red light, I riffle through my purse to find my sunglasses and I apply lip gloss religiously every morning before hoping on the 417. So this doesn’t really make me one of those focused drivers anymore now does it?

Billings Bridge Shopping Centre has an awesome campaign going on right now called Drive In Style. People around Ottawa have been taking the pledge to put a stop to distracted driving and making our roads safer for not only drivers, but for the people around them too! For every pledge, a donation will be made to Ottawa Network for Education – just fabulous!

There’s a couple of ways that you can get involved and take the pledge: 

  1. Visit Centre Court in Billings Bridge between May 20th-24th and fill out a ballot for a chance to win a $1000 Shopping Spree or $1000 in Tech Swag!
  2. Take the pledge online and encourage your friends to as well – Click here!
  3. If you have an idea for an App that helps promote safe driving you could win up to $2500 in prizes – Click here!

Join me and take the pledge!  Follow all of the action using #driveinstyle and #gobillings on Twitter and Instagram

P.S. Stay tuned for photos of me taking the pledge in person tonight – Woohoo!




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