May Update

6a26d4ee1f675e849ab1b60ab59e88ecWe’re already well into June, but as usual, I like to do a monthly update since I clearly I have a problem with posting regularly. Though this shouldn’t be a problem anymore after this month since I am living the single job life after years of busting my hip. There have been some pretty big shifts in my life over the last month and I feel as though it’s all in good time that things will start to point me into the right direction. I’m just trying to take one step at a time and see where life takes me.

Here are some things to note that have happened and that are coming up soon:
– I quit my job at the baby store. It had been a long time coming and my heart wasn’t going into my work anymore. When I started I was at least writing and doing work that was related to my field, but as time went by and the more work that was put on my plate, it became farther away from my ultimate dream. When I graduated from college last year I was very fortunate to have a job in my field right off the bat, which is at the photo studio where I’ll be working more now. I told myself that this was my big step in the right direction and that I wouldn’t settle for anything less that didn’t represent my outlook on life and my talents and dreams. I feel like downsizing on the jobs and taking some time to think about what is next was a huge nudge of respect for myself. I have a foggy idea of what my end goal in life is and this was just the right time and place to take that leap of faith.

– This is a big one and I still feel rather emotional about it. I recently reconnected with an old friend that I had shut out just over a year ago. I was in a weird place at the time and I felt like being selfish and not speaking up and dealing with my feelings was the right thing to do and in doing so I ultimately hurt someone I could call my best friend and of course myself. Months went by and there wasn’t a day that a memory or thought came up about this friend and eventually the bitterness and anger that I was feeling drifted away and  I felt sad. One day I woke up and swallowed my not-so-pride and wrote her a letter. I felt like I needed to get all my thoughts out and though I didn’t expect a reply, at least I had tried. To my surprise, this wonderful person decided to give me that chance I needed and we’ve been chatting away everyday like old times. There is still a lot of puzzle pieces to put together, but regardless I feel like this has made me feel like a million dollars – Namaste.

– Earlier this month I had a jewellery showcase for my line Birch Jewellery. I had nearly ten gorgeous ladies come by my place and we played games, gossiped and drank bubbly refreshments. It was the first get-together of its kind to happen in my house and I was very happy with the results. It was a huge learning experience too. I know what to improve on, what to change and sooner or later who knows where my jewellery will end up!

– On June 8 it was my Gran’s third year away from us. Every year has been hard without her, but for some reason this year I felt a bit stronger. It’s never easy losing someone and there’s not a day I don’t think about her, but the more time goes by, the more I appreciate all the lessons she’s taught me that I may not have realized at the time. I know my grandpa really misses her and it’s to see his relationships with friends and family slip away since she’s passed, but I believe that everything that happens in life is meant to teach us something and help us grow. I miss you grand-mommy.

– Next weekend my mom, her boyfriend and my puppy Dallas will be coming to Ottawa for a whole week to visit! They come up every year and I am so ridiculously excited. We always have an amazing time with plenty of silliness fun stuff. I can’t wait for more of our shenanigans!

– I know I may be getting a bit a head of myself, but on July 2 I will be going to Montreal again to see Lady Gaga in concert. This will be my fourth time and I am stupidly excited. I’m thinking of booking a hotel room for the night so I can go down early and enjoy the city a bit with my camera and make a mini-vacay out of  it. I’ve always had to leave her shows early to hop on the bus home, but this time I’m determined to somehow meet her. I think it’s about time after 6 years!

There is so much more to come in July, but I will leave it that for now and make a point to make a June update at the end of this month. I hope you all have an amazing month and thank you for reading. It really means a lot,




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