June & July Update

7817b0426b38fa38e1bf40b65818f0f7It’s funny that even I have to read my previous blog posts to keep up with myself. The last time my fingers met my keyboard was in early May. I lied, again, and said it was likely that I would be more present here on The Humble Truth, but as life usually goes, it’s been a busy whirlwind of awesome. Summer has been treating me quite nicely. It’s been very hot, but as Canadians, we can’t go around complaining since there’s only a few months left before we’re dusted with the glittery white stuff again. As usual, a lot has happened over the last few months  so lets get down to business.

– LADY GAGA! Yes, for a fourth time I ventured out on my own and saw Mother Monster’s show live in Montreal. The thing about Lady Gaga is that she doesn’t put on the same show every time. Over the last five years I have seen the same pop star, but a different spectacle each time. I must say that the artRAVE in Montreal was the best show I have been to thus far. There was so much energy and acceptance that I felt a sense of home among a crowd of nearly 13,000 people. The glitter, confetti, singing and love that was felt at that show is enough to change someone’s life.  I danced and sang until I could no longer walk or speak. That to me is a job well done.

– My momma came to Ottawa for a visit in June which was fun as always. We ate some delicious food, had some good drinks and even checked out a comedy show at Yuks Yuks. I always like when she comes down in the summer because it’s become something I can look forward to and I can spend great quality time with her. I do wish I could visit home more often, but this is all part of growing up I guess. The work hours become longer, the bills get bigger and you start to have your own independent life. All in all, I will always appreciate spending time with my mother no matter how grown up I get.

– One of my best friends got engaged! The sweetest thing of all is that her fiance had been custom designing the ring with a local jeweller for the last year and a bit, which just shows how much of a keeper he is. The ring is gorgeous and I am so excited for their 2016 wedding!

– Last week my boyfriend and I went on our very first vacation together. We’ve been together for nearly 6 years, but have always travelled home together instead of adventuring off during our time off. We booked a hotel for two nights in Toronto and had a lovely little vacation. We did a lot of shopping here and there and also spent a long, rainy day at Canada’s Wonderland. That was super fun and I’m still recovering from screaming my lungs out. We got along the whole trip and even though it’s very high-paced in that city, we managed to relax and enjoy ourselves.

I’m not sure what the next few months have in store for me. I’ll be heading back to work tomorrow after a lovely week off and that is probably what I will have on my plate until late August. For now I will sit back and enjoy the laziness of summer and talk soon!



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