Thoughts on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge & all the backlash

21b0cc4081c64e2a013917a1f6aa0fbbI’m a little torn over what to think about the ALS ice bucket challenge and the opinions that are being circulated over it. True, it is not necessary to dumb a bucket of ice over your head in order to make a donation to a charity, however,  regarding the people that are doing it and donation and spreading the word, why bother complaining?

I’ve seen so many messages across the web over the last few weeks about ALS only killing X amount of people a year vs how many people don’t have clean drinking water in the world or how many deaths are caused by other wide-spread diseases. If you do not want to participate in the ice bucket challenge or donate to ALS then simple don’t. Either move on with your life or donate to a cause you believe in.

Yes, I participated in the challenge as all my friends and family have been and yes I did challenge other friends and family members to do so as well, but if they didn’t want to do it because of their own beliefs and views then that’s fine.

The bottom line is that it’s giving ALS a voice it never had. Whether it’s trendy and will decrease in popularity over time – as these things do – the main point is that a good percentage of the people involved have donated and have made an impact on the future of people’s lives. I won’t challenge you to dump a bucket of ice on your head tonight, but rather encourage you to support whatever cause you believe in whether it be large or small. You have a voice and you can choose how you use it , but remember to use it wisely.


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