Ottawa Pumpkin Guide: Part 2


As semi-promised, here is part two of my original Ottawa Pumpkin Guide. The closer fall gets, the more pumpkin magic I have been discovering. I’m sorry to those of your who don’t like us basic babes who wear chunky knit scarves, UGGS and drink our pumpkin spice lattes, but this is one of the only opportunities I get to network with other pumpkin addicts about our love for pumpkins. Moving right along, here are some of my tried and loved and not so loved pumpkin favourites from the last few weeks and some new things for you to check out locally.

Taste Tested: 

  • I made a trip to Marble Slab Creamery on Bank Street and tested the pumpkin cheesecake ice cream. As suggested by the cool dude working, I mixed in coconut and Skor and I almost died of deliciousness. I highly recommend a trip to this ice cream parlour if you’re a fellow pumpkin lover. It was perfect for the last warm day of summer.
  • A recent trip to Walmart had me jumping for joy as I made my way to the frozen section to scope out some easy-bake cookies to snack on. To my absolute surprise, they hit me with a big pumpkin surprise with the new Ready-to-bake Pillsbury Pumpkin cookies with, get this, cream cheese chips. Much like Pillsbury’s other addicting cookies, they were very gooey and chewy and were everything I dreamed of. Thumbs up!
  • Tim Hortons has finally picked up the slack and has their pumpkin spice goodies and flavour shots available. Excited as I was to try the new pumpkin pie donut, please do not waste your time. If I’m being absolutely honest, it was gross. In the style of their popular flower-shaped bloom donuts, this one was dipped in a fake marshmallow goo, topped with a crumb topping and its centre was filled with a really processed pumpkin pie filling. It was definitely not what I expected and I will not be ordering one again. Their classic pumpkin spice donuts and Timbits are always a pleasure though. In addition to the new donut, I also tried their pumpkin spice flavour shot in an Ice Cap with milk and it was decent. Very artificial tasting and hard to beat Starbucks, but it was okay for the price.

Aside from lighting my pumpkin candles and drinking Starbucks, I haven’t really tried anything else. Thankfully the season is still young!

Stay On The Lookout: 

  • The Clock Tower Brew has their seasonal brews available on tap. The Clock Tower Pumpkin is a dark amber coloured brew and is to be enjoyed a bit warmer than most. It is said that the pumpkin and spice flavour really comes out once the beer warms up a bit. There is real pumpkin in the drink as well as autumn inspired spices. Sounds like it’s worth the taste!
  • I recently discovered an Ottawa-based tea company called Tealee. They are an online tea store (swoon) that sells loose leaf teas, accessories and more. They have a loose leaf pumpkin spice tea that is described as being like the nip in the air during northern autumns. Starting at $3 for 25g, I may just have to get my online shopping on.
  • Rumour has it that the Canadian whisky company Spice Box will be selling their Pumpkin Whisky in LCBOs across the province real soon! They’re already popping up in some stores nearby and will be in Ottawa before you know it. This is pretty cool considering they’re 100% Canadian and create their bevy in Montreal, QC. I’m not really a whisky kind of gal, but it would make a great gift for a host during Thanksgiving.

That wraps up part 2 of my Ottawa pumpkin guide. I haven’t decided if I’ll do a part 3 – I’m sure it will be a thing – but I hope you’ve found it somewhat helpful and entertaining.





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