Yes, I still exist.

c722da18100380ed6a5e40f4769db251I think it’s safe to say that life has been a little busy for me – considering I haven’t written in over three months. Rest assured that I am still here, I am just very busy with living life, but I am happy and in the midst of getting healthier and I felt like it was a good time to check-in.

Since our last talk, my sixth anniversary with my honey bee passed, we spent our first Christmas away from home, we visited our friends and family back up North in the new year and my jewellery business, Birch Jewellery,  has been growing a lot. Things are progressing in every aspect of my life, some slower than others, but all in the right direction. Exciting things have happened to friends and family and not so nice things too, but such is life and we just need to keep moving forward.

The next few weeks/months/year/century I will be working towards getting healthy by eating cleaner and being active. This is something that I’ve struggled with for a long time and even though I’ve failed in the past, I’m always willing to pick myself up and try again. It’s too easy to slip into old, unhealthy habits so I’m hoping that by creating new ones I will finally latch on to this new lifestyle.

Perhaps the biggest thing I’m really looking forward to is launching my very own website for Birch Jewellery that will feature an amazing online store, blog and new home for my creations. I’ve been approached by some really cool people about selling my items in their store and encouraged by others to start selling in local shops so this is something that I have been working really hard towards. I’m hoping that all of this excitement will officially be launched sometime in February and I will be sure to update y’all throughout the process.

Long story short, life is challenging me in so many great ways and I’m very excited to see what is to come. Though I’m sure there will be some lows in the process, but I’m always open to adventure. Thank you for reading and we’ll chat again soon! (I promise.)




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