NYC 2015

73f590e73e84c864c5c76ae2de19fe33After countless nights of dreaming of crowded streets and breathtaking views, I’ve decided that I will return to NYC this year for my birthday. All corniness aside, I have seriously dreamt about New York City several times a week  in the last 11 months since I was there last year. I posted my first impression of the city back when I went for work in March 2014. It was everything I hoped for, but since I was there for business, I barely touched the surface of what the city had to offer. I’m talking no visits to Central Park, not even a close-up view of lady liberty. I was stuck in Times Square for four days which is why I think these crazy dreams keep coming to me. I feel like there is much unfinished business that I need to take care of before I can sleep soundly again.

The last few weeks I have been dedicating HOURS to planning this trip. I will be going on my own time with my boyfriend – who has never been before – and I think he thinks I’ve gone a bit loopy in the process. Every night involves talks of NYC-this and NYC-that, I’m sure he will be just as relieved as I will be once we finally go on this trip! I have planned a four-day itinerary that involves some of my favourite stops from last year and the many more place and things I’d like to see this time around. Since we will be in the city on my actual birthday, I’ve decided that we will head to Hoboken, NJ to visit the Cake Boss at Carlos’ Bakery for some celebratory treats. I’m a huge fan of the TLC show and who doesn’t like a little Italian pastry every once in a while? (#cannolis, am I right?)

We will spend our three nights at the beautiful Park Lane Hotel overlooking Central Park. I couldn’t help but get excited when I found out this hotel is attached to Lady Gaga’s house… If you didn’t know, I’m a die hard fan. I plan on taking a horse carriage ride around the park, eat a cronut for the first time, visit Rockefeller Centre, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, window shop on 5th Avenue, visit FAO Swchartz, see the Statue of Liberty, explore some museums and eat all the best New York foods. Ambitious? Perhaps, but I’m confident that I will be overly exhausted when I get back on our flight home to Canada and just as fulfilled. Then I will feel like my mission is complete and New York City will have been concurred, until next time of course.

I will undoubtedly post about my trip when I get back. We are set to fly out at the end of next month. Bon Voyage!



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