Hello my lovely readers!

Yes, right on trend, I am writing after being MIA for a few months. It’s usually for good reason and I can tell you that I am especially excited to tell you what I’ve been up to for the last few months.

To start, my trip to NYC this year didn’t happen – instead the government decided that my bf and I owed all of our trip money to income taxes right before we booked our hotel and flights. I’d like to believe that everything happens for a reason and New York will happen when I’m ready for it again. Instead I had a lovely group of friends over to my apartment and we had some delicious snacks and drinks and chatted while playing party games.

Every year after my birthday I usually feel extra inspired to start a new project or life change and this year was no different. On April 7, 2015 I started the Fit Girls Guide 28 Day Jumpstart Challenge. The what, you ask? Fit Girls Guide is a series of healthy plans to get you on track to becoming a fit and fierce lady. There are a few different books that guide you through healthy, clean eating, working out and making small changes in your everyday routine to help you become a healthier person.

Since I started in April, I’ve lost 21 lbs and gained a whole lot of confidence and motivation to finally get myself on track to becoming a healthier human. I’ve struggled with weight-loss and healthy eating my entire life and if you look through the archives in this blog you will find a lot of ups and downs throughout my many failed journeys. This is totally okay because no one is perfect and the main thing is that I just keep trying.

I have several goals for the next few months and a really big influence on getting in shape and healthy is my dad’s wedding in Mexico in February 2016! I’m so happy and excited to be standing in the wedding and am looking forward to looking flawless in a bikini by then – I never thought I’d say that before, I’m totally a one-piece kind of girl. Not only do I want to look and feel good, but I’m getting older and I feel like my health should be one of my top priorities. I fee like your body and health is your responsibility and like raising a child or caring for a pet, you should care equally for yourself. So yes, it’s like I’m metaphorically saying that I’m like a puppy and I need to make sure I stay alive.

This is my Lite Journey – also a secondary blog I started on Tumblr to hold myself accountable and track my progress. If you’d like to follow along you can also search for the tag #litejourney on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting my journey, no matter what round it may be. I’m focused and determined and nothing can stop me!



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