Latest Obsession – Rose Gold

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been absolutely obsessed with rose gold/copper lately. One of the YouTubers I subscribe to, Zoella, often vlogs about her copper finds and her love of the rosy tone from home decor to makeup and I think she’s really influenced me to love it just as much.

This summer I’ve decided to slowly upgrade things in my home like furniture and decor to make it look a bit more grown-up and put together. Gone are the days of having band posters taped to the wall and knickknacks everywhere you turn. I’m downsizing, upgrading and trying to have a sleek and inspiring design.

This is where rose gold is making a big appearance. The best thing about metallic tones is they go with pretty much anything so I’ll be able to keep some of my existing favourite pieces in each room while adding copper accents. My plan is to pick up some lamps, plant pots, candles and frames so it’s a subtle hint and not a metallic overload.

My obsession doesn’t stop at home decor – girl, please. I’m stocking up on rose gold jewellery and even designing some new pieces for Birch Jewellery. I’ve also recently purchased a watch from Aldo Accessories that is full-out copper toned, obviously. I bought it for $20 and it looks like it’s on sale for $15  HERE! (P.S. The picture does not do the watch justice!)

Are you copper obsessed too? Let me know your favourite colour trend below in the comments!



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