The Joys of Being A Pug Parent

The Joys of Being A Pug Parent

A little over a year ago my boyfriend and I opened our minds to the idea of adopting a dog. After a visit home to see family, we were approached about taking in a sweet, two year old pug who was in desperate need of a loving home. Though we did not plan on adopting until several months later, upon locking eyes with Frankie for the first time, we knew we had found him a fur-ever home. Here we are a year later with a rambunctious, cuddly pup who brings us loads of joy each and every day and we could not be any happier.

Owning a pug is unlike owning any other dog breed. Their little personalities, pug-isms and attitudes keep you entertained for endless hours of fun. I am a proud parent to a one foot, 20 lb powerhouse who tests my patience everyday. From 20-hour naps to obsessing over tennis balls, I thought I’d share the joys of being a pug parent from my own experiences. Enjoy!

  1. No matter the place or size of space, your pug will always manage to snuggle up on your lap, by your side or within arm’s reach.
  2. Pugs are like shadows. Whether you’re in the kitchen, setting the dinner table or trying to take a pee, expect your pug to be at least a foot or less away from you at all times.
  3.  Remember your warm, comfy chair you just left to grab a cup of tea or your favourite magazine? Your pug has already stolen it and claimed it as his own.
  4. Snoring, snorting and sneezing are all normal parts of a pug’s day. Whether it’s in your face, near your ear or in your fresh glass of water, there are no boundaries when you’re a pug parent.
  5. Tennis balls are like crack.
  6. If he’s chewed on your sunglasses or eaten your leftover pizza crust, getting mad or yelling at your pug is impossible. Those. Damn. Wrinkles.
  7. Speaking of wrinkles, pugs are high maintenance. Their nails grow fast, they shed like crazy and their nose wrinkles need a good cleaning at least once a week. You’ll want to have a fresh stock of baby wipes, a lint roller, nail clippers and a good brush handy at all times.
  8. You’ll often catch yourself talking in baby voices with high-pitched squeals in order to see your pug’s head tilt from side to side. This is a joy that will never grow old.
  9. Pugs do not bark – they simply “row-row-wow-wow.”
  10. You can spend hours thinking of a clever name for your pug, but you will quickly call him nicknames that he will equally understand and respond to. These include: Puggy, Pig, Piggy, Pugsly, Little Pig, Puggy Boy, Pig Bear, Pugtastico… and so on.
  11. Naps are a part of a pug’s lifestyle. If he’s not eating, playing with his toys or going for a walk, chances are he’ll be sleeping – sometimes for 20 hours a day.
  12. Despite their lazy nature, pugs love to play and get hyper. You will familiarize yourself with the zoomies where your pug skedaddles around the house at record-breaking speeds, round and round in circles until he’s tuckered out.
  13. Keep a stash of veggies around like carrots and kale. Your pug will love this sneakingly healthy treat – in moderation.
  14. Pugs can have what is known as Small Man Syndrome: any dog bigger than him from a lab to Great Dane is a threat and he will try and show his small power by barking and putting them in their place. He will be unsuccessful and continue on with his day anyway.
  15. At the end of the day, pugs are the most loving, cuddly and caring creatures around. If you treat them with love and respect you will always get it in return.

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