May Update

We’re already well into June, but as usual, I like to do a monthly update since I clearly I have a problem with posting regularly. Though this shouldn’t be a problem anymore after this month since I am living the single job life after years of busting my hip. There have been some pretty big […]

April Update

Happy Spring! Yes, I think it’s finally here. Today I have all the windows in my little abode open and the sounds of birds chirping and wet tires on pavement fill the room. The smell is probably my favourite. I love the smell of rain. I just got back from visiting my mom over the […]

Monday Mantra – March 31

I know that winter doesn’t seem to want to pack its suitecase and go on vacation, but spring really does exist and it’s coming our way (eventually). I thought I would share some inspiring spring photos I’ve gathered from Pinterest in order to share a little hope. Enjoy!