My First Summer Event – Onaping Falls Fest

Today in Ottawa the temperature is a harsh 35 C with the humidex and it’s feeling a lot like summer. With a short three weeks left of spring, I’ve been planning some really cool and exciting things for my business, Birch Jewellery, and my first stop is in the heart of my hometown next month! […]

June & July Update

It’s funny that even I have to read my previous blog posts to keep up with myself. The last time my fingers met my keyboard was in early May. I lied, again, and said it was likely that I would be more present here on The Humble Truth, but as life usually goes, it’s been […]

May Update

We’re already well into June, but as usual, I like to do a monthly update since I clearly I have a problem with posting regularly. Though this shouldn’t be a problem anymore after this month since I am living the single job life after years of busting my hip. There have been some pretty big […]

April Update

Happy Spring! Yes, I think it’s finally here. Today I have all the windows in my little abode open and the sounds of birds chirping and wet tires on pavement fill the room. The smell is probably my favourite. I love the smell of rain. I just got back from visiting my mom over the […]